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We provide manned guarding and security for all manner of businesses, Professionally working 24 hours

To ensure that you receive the most effective security solution possible, we include a free, no obligation risk assessment with every quote.

EaglesFord Security Services

Leading Provider of Security Services for All Sectors

EaglesFord Security Services has both the Managerial capacity and professional competence to deliver high levels of site security management to meet individual Clients needs, expectations and overall satisfaction. 

Whether working on a Building and Construction site, or on an Office Block, or even on a Care and specialist Home, EaglesFord Security officer’s main objective is to protect Clients lives and properties and the prevention of loss through fire, water, waste, theft and vandalism. Our Control Room is manned 24/7 and with Management Supervision available over this period.


If you are looking for a professional security guarding service which you can rely on and take pride in making them part of your business, you are not going to be disappointed with EaglesFord Security Services.We are working on 24/7 constant support policy and respond to every urgent need arises on site.


EaglesFord  is a dynamic and innovative security company committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost-effective security guarding services in london and solutions to retail, corporate and construction clients as well as to the public sector, healthcare and industrial organisations.


Our Security Services provide high standards of integrity and excellence on all provision of services. Quality and professionalism are integrated in our organisation by making it our core mission, vision and value statement. This is the reason that we are one of the leading security companies in london, UK.



I would highly recommend EaglesFord security. They have always provided a top quality service for a range of different venues big or small. They have a large very professional team from a variety of backgrounds bringing different strengths to different situations. The management team are hands on and always try to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. They are really approachable, reliable and polite which is exactly what you need. Top class security service.

A. Bhatti
Managing Director HomeCo

We’ve been using EaglesFord Security Services for one years now for our business premises. They are a pleasure to work with. They understands our business and our requirements and ensures that we have the best possible service at all times. The team are professional, always on time, friendly and experienced.

F. Malik
Desi Zaiqa Resturent,Wembly


Realistically, how quickly can you have a Security Guard at the location I need?

If it is within the areas that we operate, then within few of the call . If the site is rural or outside the area, then travelling time would need to be factored in.

I do not know how long I will need the Security Guard, how flexible can you be?

EaglesFord fully understand that flexibility is key and that if you hired a Security Guard for 8 hours we appreciate that this could go to 10 or 12 hours depending on circumstances and we could accommodate this.

Changes to a contract can be made at anytime, 24 hours’ notice would give EaglesFord and you the customer , the time to ensure that the changes are implemented smoothly. We also appreciate that 24 hours’ notice is not always possible, in cases of emergency cover etc.

The Service Agreement for the provision of a Security Guard can be a one off shift to a set amount of days/weeks/months all year round.

Under certain conditions we can provide a stand-by service for a smaller fee, rather than a full time Security Guard.

What is the training and vetting process for your Security Guards?

All Security Guards have to have completed SIA Approved training and be issued with an SIA Badge before they can apply to be an EaglesFord Guard. When they apply their application is background checked to the BS 7858 standard.

What parts of the UK can we cover?

With enough notice we could cover most of the UK except parts of rural Scotland and the isles. Realistically our strength lines in the Greater London- M25 Area- East Midlands – West Midlands – North East – North West and Yorkshire . Get in touch with us for further details.

We provide manned guarding and security for all manner of businesses, Professionally working 24 hours


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