On this page we list some of the reasons why you should choose an SIA approved contractor Like EaglesFord Security Services for your security needs.

Quality assured by the industry regulator 

  • Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) provides a recognised hallmark of quality within the private security industry.
  • Approved contractors are assessed against 78 different areas of their business. These cover topics as diverse as staff training, financial management and the company’s health and safety policies ensuring the high standard of service.
  • When you choose an approved contractor you can be sure that the business you are working with has passed a through quality assurance check.

A commitment to quality
Approved Contractor Scheme is a voluntary scheme. Any company that is part of the scheme has chosen to be.

  • ACS is a progressive quality standard. That means Companies need to continually raise the standard in order to get approved.
  • Quality assurance from top to bottom : Sub-contracting is a common practice in the private security industry. Approved contractors may only sub-contract to other approved contractors unless ACS have given them special permission to do otherwise. As a result, you can be confident that the quality of service you expect will be maintained.

A focus on you, the customer
ACS standard encourages approved contractors to tailor their services to your needs.